Međimurje County

Međimurje County (Croatian: Međimurska županija; Hungarian: Muraköz megye) is a triangle-shaped county in the northernmost part of Croatia, roughly corresponding to the historical and geographical region of Međimurje. Despite being the smallest Croatian county by size – it measures only 729 km2, it is the most densely populated one (not including the City of Zagreb). The county has a population of 113.804 (2011). The county seat is Čakovec, which is also the largest city of the county. 

The county borders Slovenia in the north-west and Hungary in the east, with about 30 kilometers of Slovenian territory separating it from Austria. 

As in many north-central Croatian counties, agriculture is an important economic factor. There are two major hydroelectric power plants along the southern border of the county, on the Drava River. 

Speaking in terms of tourism, a number of spas invite locals as well as visitors from abroad for recreation. Fašnik, a carnival-like event held in February, represents a notable traditional festival in the region. The event’s name is derived from the German word Fasching, describing similar events mostly held in Austria and Bavaria. The main festivities of Fašnik period usually take place in the center of Čakovec, with a parade of masked people from the entire region walking through the city’s streets. In the central square, a hanged hay doll representing Fašnik, is then traditionally burned to signify victory over the demons of darkness and winter, as well as to mark the end of the festivities.

Another well-known and frequently attended festival in Čakovec is the Porcijunkulovo, an annual fair in the streets of the city center during the summer time. At the fair, many of the region’s traditional products, such as baskets, can be purchased. Moreover, people can watch the handcrafting of these products. Many of the region’s traditional foods are served during the festivities and there is a daily entertainment program at a temporary stage set up at the city’s central square.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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