On the occasion of the International Mountain Day 2018, the General Secretriat of the Alps-Adriatic Alliance (AAA) together with Hermagoras Publishing Company invited to a literary evening under the slogan “Reading Mointains 2018” to the restaurant Bodenbauer in Bodental (Carinthia/AUT). “Reading Mountains” is an initiative of the Alpine Convention of which the AAA is an observer. Two authors, Ingrid Kaiser-Kaplaner and Martin Mayerhöfler presented their latest works which is a guidebook for the Bärental (i.e. Bear Valley) in Southern Carinthia in case of Kaiser-Kaplaner. Mayrhöfler read from his second novel “Neun Klafter”, which is based on actual events in the mountains of North Eastern Carinthia during the final days of World War II.

From left to right: Valentin Waldhauser, Karl Hren, Marinka Mader-Tschertou, Martin Mayerhöfler, Ingrid Kaiser-Kaplaner, Christian Waldhauser, Thomas Pseiner