Welcome to the Alps-Adriatic-Alliance!


The Alps-Adriatic region is not only characterized by an incomparable scenic and cultural diversity, it is also the living space for over 7.2 million people who share a common history, but above all common values.

This living space can be considered a crystallization point of European integration: Almost 45 years ago, partner regions from Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Austria came together in Venice to launch the Working Group (ARGE) Alps-Adriatic. The aim of this organization was to bring people together in this geographically connected area – though in geopolitical terms still partly separated by the Iron Curtain – by realizing meaningful projects and establishing a network of cross-border, sustainable relationships.

The partnership approach and the joint path have been successful, as they also made a significant contribution to the European integration: Since 2013, all member regions and their national states have been part of the European Union.


A good reason for our network to reorganise itself: As the Alps-Adriatic Alliance, we want to strengthen the region according to the motto “never change a winning concept” and at the same time invite other regions, for example from Northern Italy or the countries of the Western Balkans, to cooperate with us. The latter, like once Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary or Austria, have moved towards the threshold of the European Union, so that the Alps-Adriatic Alliance can and should live up to its original and still valid approach of contributing to the European integration.

I invite all people as well as companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations to make their contribution to the further development of this special network in a unique cultural, natural and living space in the heart of Europe – because partnership comes with participation.

Why Alps-Adriatic-Alliance?

The Alps-Adriatic-Alliance (AAA) represents a population of over seven million within twelve member regions from Austria, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Together, these member regions build a cooperation network that aims with its activities to contribute to a peaceful, common, democratic, pluralistic and sustainable Europe. Due to its geographical location, its economic and cultural potential, the AAA network aims at strengthening the ties between the participating regions, countries, municipalities, institutions and civil society organisations and, most importantly, at bringing their people together by intensive, project-oriented cooperation.

Which values does the AAA network stand for?

The network builds on the values of equality and partnership and acts according to the principles of diversity, connectivity and sustainability. Thereby it aims to support a thriving civil society, to stimulate cohesive regional development, ensure knowledge, skills and abilities by promoting lifelong learning opportunities, and provide for sustainable adaptability.

In its overall goals, the Alps-Adriatic Alliance is embedded in the European Union both in terms of geography as well as general values.

How does the AAA put its values into practice?

The AAA sees its values implemented best in the realisation of concrete projects. Therefore, the Alliance supports from its joint budget cross-border people-to-people projects as well as the preparatory measures for more extensive projects which then can be submitted to European funding programmes.

In accordance with the AAA’s principle of diversity, there is almost no limit to the thematic range of project ideas. In order to meet best the innovative and creative ideas of project applicants from different regions, the organisational structure of the Alps-Adriatic Alliance provides both regional and thematic contact persons for the most direct and personal support possible.

How can you become part of the AAA?

If you are an association, NGO or the like, you can apply for project funding. Your project application will be examined by the AAA steering committee and, if it is eligible, can then be supported with an amount of up to EUR 5,000. Please find the funding guidelines, application form and further information in the Downloads section. 

In addition, the Alliance is always open to new members and even actively seeking to expand the AAA area. The focus is placed particularly on the regions of the Western Balkans an Northern Italy. If your region or local authority is interested in becoming a member, please find further information in the procedural rules in the Downloads section or contact the AAA General Secretariat directly.

How to get in touch with the AAA?

You can get in touch with the Alps-Adriatic Alliance in different ways. The easiest is via the General Secretariat. If you want to contact the representative of a specific member region, choose from the list in the Contact Points section. If you are looking for support, for example in networking with suitable partners in the thematic field of your project, the respective Thematic Coordination Points are there to help you.

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