AAA-Steering Committee: A double Premiere!

The Steering Committee of the AAA has met in Novi Sad, capital of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina/SRB in November 17th 2022. On this occasion the AAA celebrated a double premiere: On the one hand Vojvodian is an accession candidate for the AAA and for the first time the Steering Committee has met outside of its current actual circle of members. On the other hand Novi Sad is one European Capital of Culture this year. That´s why the Steering Committee meeting was accompanied by a cultural program in the framework of the project „Alps Adriatic Cultural Pitch for New Bridges”. The Steering Committee has approved 21 new projects in the field of art and culture, Economy, Equal Opportunities, European Integration, Lifelong Learning, Rural Development and Ethnic Heritage as well as Sports. Since 2014 the Steering Committee of the AAA has approved 297 new projects.

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