Alps Adriatic Bicycle Trail Map 2021

This is a selection of bike-trails or regional bike networks in the Alps-Adriatic area.

Alps-Adriatic Bicycle Map 2021 – a network symbol in a common Europe

From the glaciers and peaks of the Central Alps to the deep blue Adriatic sea and from Alpine forests and meadows to the charming villages and vineyards of the more Southern regions the Alps-Adriatic variety has no comparison throughout the world. The abundance of natural resources, cultural heritages, culinary specialties or touristic destinations and therefore meeting points of inhabitants or tourists can be visited in many ways. Riding a bicycle is one of the options and maybe the best. In a decelerated manner and with all senses focused to extraordinary impressions this bicycle map shall promote your motivation to experience the richness of Central European diversity. After the exceptional global situation of the Corona pandemia this publication shall raise the awareness of our common values, strengthen the solidarity in European partnerships and above all enable an enjoyable network experience for all bicycle friends in tremendous Alps-Adriatic surroundings.

Have a safe trip and many outstanding bike riding impressions!

Thomas Pseiner and Hannes Slamanig

October 2021

Download Alps Adriatic Bicycle Map

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