Btae: Alps-Adriatic Organic Markets in Graz

The project “Bio-Transalpine Exchange (Btae)” was just approved for financial supported by the AAA. It combines regionality (within a radius of 300km) paired with ecology and sustainability (organic food, ecological packaging) and an intensive cultural exchange at Gšeft /Gscheft in the city of Graz.

The Alps-Adriatic organic markets will be accompanied by life music from the respective neighboring regions. The transports within Graz are handled by an “E-Tuktuk” while producers from Slovenia, Croatia, Carinthia and Styria present themselves and their organic products.

The dates for the upcoming markets are as follows

Sat. Sept. 10th 2022

Sat. Nov. 12th 2022

Sat. March 4th 2023

Sat. April 29th 2023

Sat. June 3rd 2023

The markets are going to be open from 10:00 to 16:00.

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