Handshakes of artists and cultural organizations in the Alps Adriatic Region and Serbia-Western Balkans 

Based on the idea of the European Cultural Capital Novi Sad 2021/2022 the meeting “New Bridges” became a starting point to use the common language of art to connecting people. New ideas, cooperations, projects and lasting friendships usually arise from personal contacts, which need to be renewed in light of the eventful common history of the Danube and Alps Adriatic regions

From 15th till 17th of November 2022 a study excursion to Novi Sad (Autonomous Province of Vojvodina/SREB) with partners from Styria, Slovenia, Hungary and  Croatia took place , in order to meet and interact by ways of pitching cultural and artistic projects from the involved partner organizations. Also the Serbian partners presented various interregional cultural projects. The Cultural Pitch was open for an interested general audience.

The goal was to use project presentations to explore new forms of cooperation and in order to expand the Alps-Adriatic-Alliance´s cultural radius of action into the Western Balkans.

Participating cultural organizations were:

Styrian Summer Art, Steirische Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik, GRRRLS, Mezzanin Theater, VISIBLE, IG Kultur Steiermark (all from Austria)

MIKK MURSKA SOBOTA, Kulturanova (both from Slovenia)

Cultural Centre LAB, Bel Art Gallery, Danube Dialogues, Drž’ ne daj, Šok zadruga (Shock Cooperative) (all from Serbia)

Westwerk, Finarthotel (from Hungary)

Favela as well as the Varaždin Tourist Board (both from Croatia).

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