HOCHsommer: Overcoming The Void

Between August 5th and 15th another this year´s HOCHsommer Art Festival took place In the framework of this event the AAA supported a various land art activities in the area around Grad Castle in Gornja Radgona/SLO which is in immediate vicinity of the „Three Countries Corner” which connects Austria, Slovenia and Hungary. Six artists from all three countries were invited to work together in order to „overcome the void“:

Alice von Alten @alicevonalten
Boris Beja @borisbeja
István Antal @ifjantalistvan
Kinga Énzsöly @enzsolykinga
Lisa Großkopf @lisa_grosskopf
Roswitha Weingrill @roswithaweingrill

The exhibition titled „Ausstellung 3/3 – ThreeThirds” can be visited in Eisenberg an der Raab/AUT (at the customs building and former watch tower) and in Trdkova/SLO until the end of September.

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