A Pan-Adria Network Extension for contemporary dance

Pan-Adria Network(https://en-knap.com/produkcija/pan-adria) is a regional co-production format of partner stages expanding between the Adriatic, the Alps, and the Pannonian Basin, which aims to strengthen the cooperation between the cultural organizations involved, as well as to offer favorable conditions for creating and presenting new work and to contribute to the recognition of contemporary dance in the region.

Every year since 2019, Pan-Adria invites artists and production establishments in the field of contemporary dance to apply to a co-production open call, through which the network offers co-financing, support before the premiere, and guest appearances on partner stages. Annually more than 20 different contemporary dance productions apply to the open call. This year’s selected production was “Memoria” from Slovenian choreographer, writer and performer Mala Kline: https://www.spanskiborci.si/7/1915/mala-kline-memoria.html/https://www.en-knap.com/produkcija/Memoria

The aim of the Pan-Adria network is to enable greater visibility for the regional contemporary art practices and to consolidate their position in the wider socio-cultural environment, to create dialogue and cooperation between organizations and artists in the region, and to offer co-production conditions for creating and presenting new, full-length performances on partner stages.

The Pan-Adria regional project partners are:
EN-KNAP Productions (Španski Borci Cultural Center) from Ljubljana,
Slovene National Theatre from Nova Gorica,
Flota from Murska Sobota
Croatian Cultural Center from Rijeka,
Zagreb Dance Center from Zagreb,
Mediterranean Dance Center from San Vincenti
Artisti Associati from Gorizia

With the help of the Alps-Adriatic Alliance we were able to host in 2023 the partner from Austria (Klagenfurt Festival) to participate in the network and enable exchange of ideas and practices which can strengthen our network and expand the network in the near future. The expansion and better visibility are two measures that would increase the outreach of the network, increase the accessibility for the interested local artists in the region, promote contemporary dance and build new audiences in the region.

Photos by Urška Boljkovac

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