Alps Adriatic Basketball Youth Cup – One Hell of a Game!

The City of Koprivnica (Croatia) was the host of the international tournament “Alps Adriatic Basketball Youth Cup” which was held in the sports gyms of Koprivnica on October 21st and 22nd 2023.

The tournament hosted eight teams with players up to 13 years old from 5 countries: Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Croatia. This two-day event gathered nearly 150 young basketball players, coaches and support teams, and was attended by numerous visitors not only from Croatia, but also from Slovenia and Hungary. Besides playing the tournament´s games, the participants used this event for socializing and sharing of good practices and experiences as well.

During the tournament the teams were separated in two groups. The first day was dedicated to an elimination phase. On the the second day the semi-finals were organized plus the matches for placement.

After many exciting matches the final tournament placement was as follows:

1. VAS (HU)

2. Carinthia (AUS)

3. Kočevje (SLO)

4. Apatin (SER)

5. Dubrava (CRO)

6.  Koprivnica (CRO)

7.  Ptuj (SLO)

8. Međimurje (CRO)

Vas won the final game by one point over Carinthia.

The best scorer at the tournament was Ožbej Adamić from team Kočevje/SLO (124 points), and best player was Mozes Nagy from team Vas/HUN.

The best five players of the tournament were:

Luka Vlatković (Apatin/SRB), Ožbej Adamić (Kočevje/SLO), David Preininger (Carinthia/AUT), Áron Hegedös (Vas/HUN) and Botono Vilich (Vas/HUN).

The tournament was coo-financed by the Alps Adriatic Alliance (AAA) and Koprivnica Križevci County, and supported by the City of Koprivnica and the Podravka company.

The opening of the tournament was conducted by the mayor of Koprivnica Mišel Jakšić and deputy prefect Ratimir Ljubić. The closing words came from the secretary general of the AAA Thomas Pseiner and the president of Koprivnica Križevci County’s basketball association Zdravko Rupnik, who were giving awards to best teams and players as well.

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