„CERLI“: The Lessons the AAA has learned from the Pandemic

Almost exactly a year ago, life has changed tremendously for all of us thanks to COVID-19. What we took for granted until March 2020 is considered a lovely reminiscence these days and the Alps-Adriatic-Alliances´ networking and interregional cooperation has also entered a new dimension.

In order to find out about the lessons learned from the recent 12 month, the AAA has launched the virtual project “CERLI: A crisis and its effects – let´s reflect, learn and improve”.

CERLI incorporates all 11 members of the AAA and all active TCPs. Besides discussing the effects of the crisis, the restrictions in public life on the one hand, the acceleration of digitalization on the other, the project focuses on solutions in order to handle similar situations better and more efficient in the future.

The project is divided into three thematic webinars (panels) and the results will make up a white paper, which will be approved by the Alps-Adriatic-Council (the political level of the AAA) in this years´ autumn meeting.

The first panel will be held on March 26th 2021 and focus on the field of education: Teachers, school principals, school board members and parents are the prime target groups of this webinar. They will have the opportunity to discuss their recent experiences with experts from all over the Alps-Adriatic area and seek for ways to help the young generation in a better way through challenges like COVID-19 in the future.

April 21st 2021 will be dedicated to the second panel, which will deal with the effects of the pandemic on the field of arts and culture:  Discussion about the impact of the crisis for artists, institutions and the employees in the wide field of culture workers in the AAA area. What experiences have the different regions had during the crisis affected by restrictions, plus, which conclusions could be drawn from that?

The third panel will be held on May 5th 2021 and focus on civil protection. While cross border cooperation works tremendously well in the aftermath of natural disasters such as the recent earthquake in Central Croatia, the management of a pandemic is something completely different especially on regional levels. The webinar will seek for common perspectives for future scenarios and is intended to deepen the cooperation between relief units throughout the Alps-Adriatic area.

The Link to the webinar on civil protection and public healthcare on May 5th  is https://zoom.us/j/98449295034

Further information on the panels is available right here. If you are interested in participating please contact abt1.alpeadria@ktn.gv.at

Agenda of the Civil Protection and Public Healthcare Panel

Watch the CERLI-panel on education from April 21st 2021 by clicking :

Watch the CERLI-panel on art and culture from April 21st 2021 by clicking :

Watch the CERLI-panel on education from March 26th 2021 by following the link:

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