Fair & Female*

A networking project for raising the visibility of women in the field of art and culture in the Alps-Adriatic region.

The trans-regional project “Fair & Female*” addresses precisely the (geo-) specific situations and the role of women* in the field of art and culture.

Using a comparative approach, we want to emphasis the specific working conditions of woman* working in regional CCS (cultural and creative sectors) and their strategies for improvement of their position in the Alps-Adriatic region.

GKP – Steirische Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik, www.gkp.steiermark.at

Mesto žensk – Društvo za promocijo žensk v kulturi, http://www.cityofwomen.org/

Građanke svome Gradu, https://gsg.hr/

Visible – Verein zur Sichtbarmachung von Frauen in Kunst, Kultur und Gesellschaft, https://visible.or.at/

IG Kultur Steiermark, https://steiermark.igkultur.at/

Womens Action Forum, www.womensactionforum.at

Kulturanova, https://kulturanova.org/

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