Association Mink Tolmin presents:NEVIDNE ŽENSKE//INVISIBLE WOMEN

We cordially extend our invitation for you to join us at a public event hosted by the Mink Tolmin Association and its
esteemed partners, an official programe of the European Capital of Culture, European Capital of Culture Nova Gorica/
Gorizia 2025. This event is a part of the international project ‘NEVIDNE ŽENSKE//INVISIBLE WOMEN.’”
The project is essentially the story of women who have left their homeland for different reasons and in most cases live
a marginal (invisible) role in the environment they have moved to and probably never will truly belong to. Yet they are
part of our society, enriching it in their daily lives with the cultural diversity they have brought with them. It is an attempt
to reveal the transnational identities of our fellow citizens through art as a language shared by nations and cultures in a
new and compelling way.
At the same time, the project also addresses the specific situation and role of women in the field of art and culture, based
on the specific historical development of the region (socialism/capitalism). This theme will also be the focus of the forth-
coming opening at the Mostovna. We have invited women artists, cultural workers, activists, and immigrants, who will
share their experiences and points of view with visitors through their work and public debate. The event consists of three
parts; art exhibition, panel discussion and concerts

Program: Download PDf

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